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    How to Download Apple’s Facetime App for Android Device? – Latest Update

    FaceTime is the video calling app which is developed by the Apple for the iOS Devices. It let Apple users make High Definition video calling with their relatives and friends which are sitting any corner of the world. It let’s user to make both the video and audio calling. It delivers High Definition quality video calling compatibility to its users which makes it top notch application. The sound quality of FaceTime is amazingly impressive and it feels like natural and real sound.

    According to the survey, there are very rare chances that FaceTime users have experienced connection issues calls interruption, video breakdown or any other technical issues as from FaceTime’s side. It is really easy to use application. The user doesn’t require to be techy to use the FaceTime. You can download and Install Facetime for PC Latest updated App on Windows Free. Now, this application is available for the Android users too. Now the Android user can use this amazing application on their Android device too.

    Features of Facetime Application for the Android Users:

    • The facetime is the Best Video and Audio Calling Application.
    • The application works best and Uninterrupted.
    • The application supports HD Video Calling Feature
    • Natural and Smooth Audio Calling
    • There is no technical knowledge required to use the FaceTime Application
    • It is free of cost and that makes it the preferred choice for international calls.
    • It is better in audio quality than the regular cell phone connection.
    • The application has a very simple user interface, which makes it user-friendly.
    • The ‘mute’ option within the app lets the caller see you, but can’t hear you and you can mute a call anytime on the go.
    • You also have the option of not being seen while talking.
    • Besides being free, It supports High Definition video calls. This means that the user gets the best quality. In fact, It feels that they are sitting next to the person and chatting.
    • No special account or screen name is required for using this application. The user can search a person with their phone numbers.
    • If the user wants to show the person at the other end what they are seeing, then they can make use of rear camera through the Facetime.
    • It allows making a video conference with a group of friends.

    How to Download the Facetime Application on the Android Device?

    • For downloading the Facetime application, the user doesn’t need to follow the typical instructions.
    • Simply, the user has to go to the official website of the Facetime application and there is an option for download.
    • After download, the APK version of the application from there, the user has to simply install the app on their Android device.
    • Now it is all set, now the user can enjoy using the Facetime for Android Device.


    Facetime is the best application for Audio and Video calling on the go. As this application is also getting popular day by day. And this application is mainly popular for the ios device but now it is getting popular on Android too.

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