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    Mobdro APK Download – Mobdro for iPhone/iPad, iOS Devices

    If you have already installed Mobdro on your device and you are trying to upgrade it to a new version which performs better, then do not worry, you will get complete information about it here. Certain devices may ask you to upgrade the app to a new version, so you can do it easily with a single click. Download Mobdro Apk for Smart Tv But if your device is not prompting you to do so and you are facing some bugs in an older version or you just want to upgrade then you can easily do so. The latest version allows you to stream high-quality videos without any sort of interruption. Also, there has been an improvement in the graphics of the app.

    Updating Mobdro

    2.0.56 is the latest version of Mobdro to date. Here we describe how to update mobdro on each of the devices.

    How to update Mobdro on Android devices?

    • Open the Mobdro apk, the one which you are using for now.
    • Open the Mobdro app and select Menu from the top left corner of the screen.
    • Choose the settings option and enable the Mobile connection.
    • Return back to the Menu option and click on About.
    • In the about section, you will get complete information about the current Mobdro app which you are using. You can easily find which version of Mobdro you are using. If it is the latest version already then you do not need to upgrade it. If not, then you get a notification in this section or you can follow further steps for upgrade.
    • In most of the cases, if you are using an older version and go to about section, then you get a popup asking you to update. Select the OK option and click on Continue.
    • After doing this, you will get a screen asking you “Do you want to install an update to this existing application? If you do so then your existing data will be lost. The updated application will get access to:” Read the message properly and if you agree to all the terms then click on INSTALL button.
    • After clicking the button, the installation process will start.
    • It may take some time to install the application. Once the installation is done then you will get the option to launch the Mobdro for iPhone automatically or you can choose to do so manually. Open the app later on by clicking on the DONE button. If you want to open the app instantly then you must select OPEN.
    • After you open the app you will see a new interface of the application and also new options available in the new version of Mobdro will be visible. To confirm that you have got access to the latest version, go to the about section of the Mobdro app.

    So by following these steps, you have successfully updated Mobdro on Android device. Updating is similar to other devices too and few steps may vary as per the device on which you are updating Mobdro app. So enjoy the latest version of the app!

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