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    We need young poets!

    We need young poets from around the world to contribute to a musical composition!


    With a small collective of Dutch composers we want to compose a piece of modern choir music that will celebrate the existence of all earthly life. We want to compose this music to texts written by young poets in as many different languages as possible. This piece of music will then be performed by the Haarlem Student Choir at two concerts in Amsterdam and Haarlem (The Netherlands) in May and June 2015.

    Are you, or do you know someone who is, a young poet (no older than 35) who wants to contribute with their writing talent to the birth of this new musical composition? Then please follow the instructions below and help us with our project!

    We want to make music about Life. Life on Earth originated at least 3.5 billion years ago and is the result of an incredible process in sb game hacker app which complex interactions, coincidence, serendipity, and time all play a role. From the definitions and preconditions of Life we have distilled six components that we think form the core of Life on Earth and its development:


      • Order and Chaos
      • Interaction and Conflict
      • Growth and Motion
      • Organization
      • Destruction
      • Reproduction


    If you want to contribute to this project please choose one of the six components listed above and write a poetic text about it.*


    What do you get out of it?

    If we use your text in our composition you will get:

      • A short biography in the programme booklet for the concert
      • A free ticket to both concerts
      • A personal stand at the concert where you can:

          Share your thoughts on life and/or your creative process in person, through text or through video

          Sell your books and other merchandise


    What do we get out of it?

      • Amazing poetry from all cultures and all languages
      • Inspiration for composing our music


    What does the world get out of it?

      • An amazing, interdisciplinary, new work of art
      • A celebration of Life


    Please send us a text of 40 words maximum in your own language around one of the six themes listed above, with an English translation and an audiofile (so we will know how to pronounce it), before the 20th of September to:

    [email protected]

    Please also turn to this email address for questions and more information.


    “Organism is opposed to chaos, to disintegration, to death, as message is to noise”

    – Norbert Wiener


    *Since we want to combine the texts that we receive into one musical composition consisting of many different languages, it is possible that we have to cut and paste a bit in the texts we receive. This will always be done with the greatest care and respect for artistic meaning. 

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